How Fitness brands and distributors are using the Barbell Jack to sell high ticket bundles?

Lead generation for fitness:

Unless you’re a large brand that can invest in SEO, Direct response and brand awareness Ads or have out of the box programs and celebrity brand ambassadors that you can roll-out for every occasion… It’s getting harder to find the right marketing recipe for your fitness brand and products.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Mistakes Fitness Brands and Retailers make:

  • Google Ads before SEO ranking: A great tool for prospects with intent but be aware that it will cost you more to advertise on google before you organically rank your website. 
  • Social Ads without an offer: Make sure you always have a great hook or offer, in your ad. Avoid brand awareness type of ads unless you’re Nike (love to chat)
  • Ads without audience optimisation or focus: One of our partner brands targets audience who recently changed their relationship status to “single”! How detailed is your targeting?
  • Adopting generic programs and strategies: Sales funnels, landing pages, referral programs, and posting tons of regular content on social with particular hashtags and trending music… are all valid strategies, if you have the extra resources.

Our team is happy to provide you with a free advice on all your ecommerce and digital marketing matters but if we are to recommend only 1 tool to generate sales and maximise your ROAS its your Email Marketing Automation.



Fitness brands and distributors

From jack to a fitness bundle?

To generate more traffic; SEO and organic ranking are your best bets, but that’s a long-term game. Paid traffic if sustainable will be your second choice… and we love the reward driven traffic. Have multiple lead magnets channels that provides value first and drive leads in exchange of a reward, (a discount, a free liquid chalk, an T-shirt and ebook, a free week… come up with something more creative and aligned with your brand) then nurture and build a relationship before making your 1st sale, amaze them with your service, then retarget to upsell & cross-sell higher ticket items. 

A $50 jack is not going to 10 x your business, but you can use it as a tool to get your leads in, example:

  • 50% off your Barbell Jack with each purchase of a barbell
  • Get a Free Barbell Jack with your homegym essential bundle
  • Sign up for a monthly Barbell Jack giveaway

Then let your email marketing automation does its magic with great nurturing content and retargeting on the back-end with a value added exclusive offer limited in quantity.

Partners and Supporters

How can jack help here?

Our digital team will assess your products category and suggest a variety of quick wins and tactics that would be suitable for both our businesses, anything from a deep dive into your current sales funnel optimisation, collaboration on content using your gear and pro lifters and influencers or simply organising a co-branded or combo giveaway campaign.

List the Barbell Jack Today!

We’ll share our listing feed, content and imagery with you to list our jack today, we can even handle delivery directly to your clients until you’re ready to have our stock at your facility. We currently have warehouses in 5 countries and express ship globally. If you’d like to give jack a go, ask us for your free sample today.



Fitness Professionals and World Champions

Within our first year; 287 fitness brands partnered to drive more members, generate new leads, and launch a challenge or competition; we’ve been featured in 18 Strongmen and International competitions from Tasmania to Florida, and love for you to give our jack a go.

  • Exclusive discount on your first order
  • Free Samples to your B2B clients
  • Giftcards for promos and giveaway announcements
  • Email announcement to over 3000 homegyms 
  • Free Audit and advice on your ecommerce and digital marketing 
  • Lifters & Thrusters will love you for it
  • Generate more leads and followers
  • Tag us in, we’ll republish and advertise your posts 
  • Recommended by Fitness Professionals
  • No minimum orders
  • Cobranded Postcards and Pamphlets if needed
  • Ideal for gyms, studios, physio and fitness professionals


Guess what we’re trying to say is….
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