How do I use the Barbell Jack?

Please review our “How to use the Barbell Jack” blog and video   


How much weight on the bar can I hook and pull with your Barbell Jack?

We have partnered with Intertek a 130 years leading global quality and safety partner, where we test our jacks at 250 kg (550 lb) each side for a plate change duration.

However, as a new product and as we can’t predict how each person might use the jack or for how long they will leave the weight plates on, we have set our initial guidance max weight at 50 kg (110 lb) for our launch period. (You can leave this weight on the jack for days, if you choose to do so for any reason :)

That said, we have recently got the green light from our technical and legal team to increase our guidance max weight to 150 kg (330 lb) on all our jacks, and we’ll be doing that few months after our launch.  


Does it work on a Trap Deadlift Bar?

During our development stage our initial design had an opening “jaw” of 77 mm (3 in) so it could fit the thickest bar ever made including the Trap Deadlift Bar. However; over 35% of our focus groups, where we tested first time users of the jack, ended up hooking it on the section where the plates slide in J So we minimised the opening in our final design so that it could only hook on the right side, ideally between the knurl marks and the weight plates stopper ring; not in the middle of the bar and not more than 20 cm (8 in) from the ring.

That said, some Trap Bars have a 25 - 28 mm section before the 50 mm, in that case Yes it works. 


Is the included Resistance Band, intended for deadlifts?

No, it’s intended to be used for the usual Resistance Band exercises, check out our blog on “Hip Thrust benefits for Men”


My bar doesn’t fit, should I force it in?  

Please don’t, as per reply above, please ensure you are not trying to hook our or any jack on the 50 mm (2 in) section where the plates slide in. We have intentionally limited the opening where you hook the bar for that purpose. We recommend placing the Barbell Jack on the inner section of the bar ideally not more than 20 cm (8 in) from the weight plates stopper ring or on the knurl marks. Please don’t hook in the middle of the bar.

If you are hooking on the right spot and still does not fit or slide properly into the (jaw) opening of our jack, please send us the brand and model of your bar, we’ll contact their manufacturer for exact specs, adjust our design if possible, and send you a new jack.


Why do I need the Barbell Jack when I can easily lift the bar in one hand and insert the plate with the other?

You don’t, we all have our special technique for changing weight plates when the barbell is on the floor, mostly involves the repetitive twists and pulls initially, before your lift and slide upgrade. As long as you’re in a safe posture, you can even use a small plate, a wedge, or even the heavy steel jack collecting dust behind the Smith machine. When you decide to upgrade to our Barbell Jack we’d love to hear from you, we’re being recommended by professionals and physiotherapists alike.   


What is it made off? Does it rub off? Does it have a metal core?

Our Barbell Jack is not painted, its made out of durable injection-moulded nylon and GF to deliver strength and stability, that said, for the first time use, with no paint to rub off, you might have the finishing layer marks that could easily be brushed off the bar. As mentioned above our quality assurance partners Intertek, also tests the quality and safety of our jacks, band and packaging for material composition, chemicals, colour and heavy metals. No it does not have metal core.



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