The Basics of the Clean and Jerk Lift and How to Execute It

The clean and jerk lift is an Olympic lift that involves two components: the clean and the jerk. The clean is a full-body lift that involves lifting a barbell from the floor to the shoulders in one motion. The jerk then involves a powerful push from the legs to drive the barbell overhead. This exercise is used to develop high power, strength, and coordination and is often used in powerlifting and weightlifting competitions. Naturally, this is not something you can execute quickly. To help you with this, we will discuss the details in this article.
Finding Your Grip
Starting a clean and jerk lift is when you do a clean and front squat, ensuring that your arms are straight and down at your sides., and position the bar so that it rests in your hip pocket or belt line. To find the best grip width, put your hands away from the knurling and adjust accordingly. You can experiment to find the best grip as you improve at this movement.
Once done, the hook grip is your next move. To do this, you start by placing your thumb over the bar, then wrap your fingers around it to grip tightly. This will help you secure the bar better and give you a stronger grip. Even though it may be uncomfortable initially, persisting with the hook grip will help you gain strength and stability in the long run.
Starting the Clean
To start the clean position, position yourself close to the bar and grip it using the hook grip. Your shoulders should be right above the bar, your feet slightly wider than your hips, and your back should be held straight. Be sure to look straight ahead and not down, which is different from a deadlift. You need to lower your hips in this position to help with power.
For the pull, you should start by pulling the bar back towards your body, ensuring your knees stay relatively straight and the movement is slow and controlled. Then you should extend the pull and drive your feet into the floor, pushing your hips open as hard as possible and your shoulders back behind you. The bar should move up because of the force, so you should control it back towards you, so it does not go out of control.
Once you lift the bar off the ground, you cannot just coast it up to your shoulders and expect to catch it. You must move your feet quickly and reach the correct squat stance while actively pushing down against the bar to get into the strongest front squat possible. To prevent the barbell from dropping, swiftly drive your elbows up and keep them high. When you first start, you'll need to catch the bar at a higher point and slowly ride it down to the bottom. Take a moment to pause for a split second during the squat to gain mobility and stability.
Changing to the Jerk
Transitioning to the jerk position requires your hands to be strong and comfortable. Adjust the width of your grip and the bar placement in your palms, then reposition any fingers that may have moved. As you approach the top, generate enough force to make the bar pop up slightly, allowing you to make further adjustments if necessary.
Taking time to transition from the clean to the jerk is critical for a successful lift. As soon as you stand up from the clean, stay still and take a moment to ensure you are in the correct position. Once you are confident in your positioning, take a deep breath and confidently perform the jerk movement.
The clean and jerk lift is an effective weightlifting routine that can be part of your workout. While it may require a great deal of strength and effort to execute it flawlessly, you can master the clean and jerk with enough practice and dedication. When you do, you can look forward to improved strength, power, and endurance in your workout routine.
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