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What sets HGG PERFORMANCE apart from the rest, other than the awesome moustaches, is that they are a progressive and young company of specialist fabricators that’s highly skilled in their trade.

"That Tib Bar, I love that thing!" - Joe Rogan

Renowned for their innovative creations in the gym accessory space, including the best selling and world famous ISOTIB™Tib Bar™ and Nordic Bar™ they recently launched: The Universal Landmine Clamp™

 landmine hgg performance

The Universal Landmine Clamp™

Utilizing HGG’s famous clamping technology, including the notorious moustache bolt and textured, anti slip rubber pad, this is the first barbell landmine attachment that can secure to any post, pillar, pipe or box up to 90mm in just seconds!

Boasting HGG's innovative CNC machined pivot sphere, the Universal Landmine Clamp™ has been engineered for greater rotational capacity and range of motion than traditional landmine attachments.

Do you suffer from recurring sprained ankles, shin splints, or poor ankle mobility? Do you want to improve sprint speed, jump height or deceleration time?

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