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I’ll admit, there was a (probably wayyy too long) time when I honestly couldn’t see the point of a deadlift bar jack. I’d worked out with friends who had spent some money on them, but really thought it was something I didn’t need to purchase to help my workouts. And as someone who loves to save a dollar here and there, I was super happy to leave it be.

About 12 months ago however, I started to step up my weights and really focus on improving my deadlifts and barbell hip thrusts. Thanks to a regimented program and a bunch of time spent in lockdown, I’m happy to say I’ve seen some impressive results. This is awesome. Less awesome is that I’ve now started to understand how difficult it can be to change my increased weight load without some help.

The Solution

I’m happy to say I’ve found a solution though, at a super competitive price (!), thanks to a new innovative design on an old concept from

This lightweight, yet remarkably strong, small device makes it super easy for me to change heavy plates without straining my back. 

For those who haven’t seen or used one before, a barbell jack is essentially a simple lever that you slide under the bar and use to prop up your weights while you unload or change them. 

There are some super-expensive barbell jacks on the market, and until using this one I was under the impression that they must need to be incredibly large devices.

This baby is small and light enough to carry around in my gym bag, yet durable enough to hold up to 250kg – which well and truly sorts out my needs!

Social Proof

This new product has already been making big waves, with rave reviews from those fitness fans who have already given it a go. 

“This barbell jack is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It makes changing out plates at the gym so much easier so it’s more enjoyable. I was always pinching my fingers or straining my back while changing plates which was frustrating. But with the jack, it’s easy to hold onto, easy to use, and gets the job done. I especially like that this jack is lightweight and small enough to fit in my gym bag. I’ve seen others that looked too big and bulky so I didn’t want to invest in them. This one is the perfect size while still being durable. I won’t leave the house to go workout without it anymore. Huge fan!”

Dr. Stephanie Dorworth – Physical Therapy

A big picture company is clearly a company interested in the wellbeing of the entire fitness industry, having instituted their 2FITNESS program, wherein they are donating their entire next month of profits to Australian Gyms and Personal Trainers who have been hit hard by COVID-19 Lockdowns!


Having now been a user of thebarbelljack, I feel a bit sheepish about not using a barbell jack in the past. This simple, durable and effective product has become in integral part of my training.


About the Author:  Nick is a professional expedition leader with over 15 years experience leading groups on hiking, climbing, paddling and snow-based trips around the world. He’s a lover of all outdoor adventure activities. When he’s not on a trip he can typically be found behind a grill.

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