How we ranked #1 on Google! True story

As a new small business, we had to rely on social and google ads to get traffic and visibility to our website, it’s quick, easy to setup (after few YouTube videos:), easy to measure but definitely NOT sustainable.

So we needed to rank organically ie when someone googles the word Barbell jack or Deadlift Jack and learned that the best way to do so is with frequent relevant content, keywords and other SEO stuff that are beyond our level of understanding and attention spam… Agencies were too expensive to engage with overcomplicated pricing, so we tried freelancers (still regretting this) without any tangible results… until one day a bunch of digital wiz team became our office neighbours, and when discussing our pain points at the lunch break common area, and checked our site and were like…

“Mate, subscribe to our RANK package and we’ll get you to #1 on Google in 3 months for a $500 per month and if you don’t see the results you can cancel anytime!”

We’re not going to try to explain how and what they do, no ideas… we’ll add a link to their website below, we gain huge insight and practical advice on small tweaks to our website, product description and business; started ranking on the 1st page within a month, then top 5 results, then #1 result by end of month 3 and we’re still there for over a year now. Best yet, after we’ve seen the results, we joined their affiliate program (it’s a 20% referral) that covered our initial 3 months within a week and now consistently generates our business an easy 30% of our monthly revenues.

So! Dear lifters, if you have or know a business that could benefit from organic sales or simply looking for the best affiliate program to join! Check them up below, you’ll thank us in 3 months. 

Ps. We also realised that most of the digital agencies and web designers in AU uses white label services to resell their SEO and Content offers :)

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