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Why get a Barbell Jack Gift Card?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LOVED by over 3000 PRO LIFTERS

  • IDEAL for Home or Gym
  • Change Plates in Seconds
  • Save Time, Energy & prevents Back Injury
  • Never pinch their fingers again
  • Optimise LIFTS
  • Portable & Quality Built 💪
  • Global Express Delivery 🛵🚀


Suitable for strength, functional, deadlifts, powerlifts, crossfit, personal trainers, gym, homegym, garagegym, hipthrust, physio, osteo, chiro and more… resistance band included.

We all have our special technique for changing weight plates when the barbell is on the floor, from wrangling with a bar in one hand and pulling the weight plate with the other… to the repetitive twists and pulls. We think it is odd and time consuming, it also puts us at risk of injury. Not so with this deadlift jack or barbell jack. It has a simple yet smart hook-and-pull system that allows for effortless loading, offloading, and changing of weight plates. They can perform deadlifts, hip thrusts and more without interruption or risk of muscle strain. Safe, Lightweight and Compact yet built to last, it’s ideal for home workouts and gym sessions alike. They won’t train without it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Holy E
Love my jack!

Love my jack! Its medium weight, but it's not a pain to transport which is nice for my gym bag. It makes changing plates so easy. Definitely recommend

Jóhannes J
Love the jack :)

Super quick delivery and excellent customer support, the jack looks and feels solid, light and easy to use

Love the jack :)

D. Ash
Absolutely loving my barbell jack!

Absolutely loving my barbell jack! And delivery was so quick

Son N.
Service, delivery and product: 5 STARS!

Service, delivery and product: 5 STARS!
The Barbell Jack is perfect for home or public gyms. Compact, light and easy to use. No more awkward positions when loading and unloading a barbell. Yes sure you can use a small fraction plate / wedge, however these options don't get the last plate off the ground like the The Barbell Jack. No more awkward positions!

To be honest I am not sure why there more reviews on this jack.

Do yourself a favour (and your back) and buy the Barbell Jack!

Ryan M.
Amazing product!

Amazing product! Super easy to use, and one strong piece of equipment. Definitely a must have!