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Super excited to be giving away The Best Barbell Jack to one lucky winner – I will announce here on the:  ___date____ to enter:

  1. Follow us and@thebarbelljack
  2. Like this post
  3. Tag your Fitness friends, PT, Gym or Physio that might also like our barbell jack (1 tag=1 entry)

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Winner will be contacted by us only - No entry fee, no shipping, no payment necessary - We must also mention this is not sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram or Meta.


Winner Announcement

Congratulations @....... for winning The Best Barbell Jack #gamechanger 💪 pls reach out to @thebarbelljack team #winner to claim your jack 🎁🛵🚀

Thank you for all participants, you could also signup for a monthly chance to win: https://thebarbelljack.com/en-us/pages/win



6 Tips from our top performing giveaways


After receiving the jack, please do an engaging, fun and witty reel (Why you need…, The Benefits of…, 3 Reasons why…, Tips for…, The Secret to…, or a story telling…)

  • Use a trending music & hashtags
  • Tag us in as collaborators (this might not be enabled on your account)
  • If another brand is visible in the video tag them in too (weight plates brand, gym shirt… or gym) they always appreciate and engage with the post.
  • Allow 10 days to the draw date
  • Please try to remove or delete offensive or negative comments where possible, particularly from other brands who try to solicit their own products or services.
  • Please try to reply and engage with as many comments as possible.

Please tag us in on the Winner announcement or send us the winner’s email address

Would be great to have a loaded bar and have the scene on hooking and pulling a fully loaded barbell (or w/ at least 2 plates – ideally 45 cm or 17.7 in bumper plates) as this is usually where the Barbell Jack is most needed and at the end of the workout J Also we find that videos where you make eye contact, get more engagement. Few Examples:






Hint: Always great for engagement to post announcement of the giveaway and reminders in stories

THANK YOU - The Barbell Jack Team


Winner Selection Process

Your choice, please be fair or use free app like: https://www.wask.co/instagram-giveaway-comment-winner-picker Feel free to make is fun and engaging with a story or a post… we will simply need the winner’s email address to issue a gift card that will cover the jack and shipping anywhere.



If tagged us as collaborator to the post, it will publish your post on our page and we’ll be able to promote.


Partner Program:

We also have a partner program where we’ll create your unique code and your followers would get a 10% discount if they use your code to order our Barbell Jack and you get a 10% referral https://thebarbelljack.com/pages/become-a-partner

Your account and unique codes will be review and created within 24hrs you’ll find it on your dashboard, feel free to add below with your new [unique code] to the announcement:

⭐️If you don’t want to wait, you can order one now! Use discount code [unique code]  at checkout! 


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or email us at info@thebarbelljack.com


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