Home Exercises You Should Try and Fitness Essentials You Need To Enhance Them

Despite being a prominent space for fitness enthusiasts, gyms now have fewer patrons than before. In fact, The Conversation revealed that 47% of gym members haven’t returned to fitness centers in the past few years. Instead of relying on public fitness centers, fitness enthusiasts now prefer to save time and energy by setting up their own home gyms and changing up their exercise habits according to their home fitness centers.

There is plenty of exercise equipment with portable and quality builds, so it’s now easier for you to invest in your personal gear and achieve a highly efficient workout from the comfort of your apartment. So if you want to work out without disturbing your neighbors, here are some exercises that are ideal for home gyms, garage gyms, and even your apartment:


Yoga is a good option for apartment dwellers because it requires minimal space and doesn’t involve high-intensity movements.

Though yoga may seem like an easy, low-impact workout, Daydreaming in Paradise states that yoga actually serves as a good bodyweight exercise that can engage and strengthen several muscle groups. You can even hold yoga poses for longer durations or switch to a Power Yoga workout, so that you can further build muscle mass and increase your endurance at home.

While you can do all the poses on the floor, you can reduce your risks of injury by doing your yoga practice on a thick yoga mat. Beginners can also find it easier to achieve certain poses with a yoga block or even a strap. A great quality brand to consider is GAIAM we love the patterns and thickness options available. 

Cardio Training

Modified cardio training can help you burn more calories during your apartment workout.

Instead of doing cycling, running, or other types of steady state cardio, VeryWell Fit recommends high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for those who want to burn calories and save time and energy. You can slow down the movements and minimize the jumping to make it more apartment-friendly.

While HIIT can be done without equipment, you can use weights and combine the workout with strength training so that you can achieve your weight loss goals. You can opt to integrate a few reps of heavy weightlifting into your HIIT program to build muscular strength, or increase your reps with a low weight to tone up your muscles.


Pilates is viable for apartment dwellers because it’s a low-impact exercise that can greatly increase your strength and develop your muscles.

In traditional Pilates, MEL Magazine explains that a 34-move sequence can be done for proper strength training and stretching. Traditional Pilates programs also require the use of a Reformer machine, but many sequences can actually be done through your own bodyweight.

Reformer machines can take up a lot of space in your apartment, so you can opt to use resistance bands or Pilates rings instead. These tools serve as a resistance prop, so that you can increase the difficulty and intensity of your strength training.


Many people think that weightlifting is only for building your muscle mass, but this exercise can also reduce risks of injury and boost your balance. To lift weights in an apartment, make sure you invest in quality drop mats that you can use to minimize the noise and impact. You’ll find a great variety of drop mats from CHASING BETTER

You can save time and energy doing apartment-friendly exercises with portable and quality built equipment. By using the right tools for your workout, you can increase the intensity of your exercise and reduce risks of injury, at the same time.



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