Deadlift Barbell Jack Australia, Fixing an age old issue for gym goers


It’s the age old question for gym goers, how do you get the weights off the bar after deadlifting?

Do you slowly wiggle the weights until they fall off, carefully avoiding jamming your fingers or crushing your toes with a 20kg plate spinning off the end of the bar?

Or do you lift the bar up with one hand and pull the weights off the end, risking a back injury? 

If this sounds familiar, you may want to invest in a Barbell Jack, by the new Aussie product is taking the industry by storm.

While traditional L-Shape barbell jacks are heavy, bulky, this design is lightweight, compact, fits easily in a gym bag and is backed by industry leaders such as: “intertek”

Health and fitness professionals such as renowned personal trainer Dr Stephanie Dorworth are hailing the product as a game changer.

“This barbell jack is exactly what I've been looking for,” said Dr Dorworth. 

“I was always pinching my fingers or straining my back while changing plates which was frustrating.

“But with the jack, it's easy to hold onto, easy to use, and I especially like that this jack is lightweight and small enough to fit in my gym bag.”

Online fitness coach Dan Larrick said the tool comes in handy for home gym owners or commercial gym users alike.

“One to definitely have in the arsenal if you like deadlifting, T-Bar rows off the floor this tool is going to come in a lot of handy and save that back,” Said Mr Larrick.  

With a study into exercises causing injuries amongst powerlifters showing 12-31% of injuries were caused by the deadlift exercise, the last thing gym goers need is to cause an injury getting the weights off. [1]

Backed by quality fitness industry leaders, the design is Compared to old bulky to the bulky old version, this barbell jack is compact, light and its safety is backed by quality leaders

The Barbell Jack is created by gym users for gym users and to support those in the health and fitness industry struggling due to COVID-19 lockdowns, all profits over the next month are going to support local gyms and personal trainers in Australia through their 2FITNESS Program.

Local gyms and personal trainers can be nominated to receive support from the program through the Barbell Jack website.



Go ahead and let nothing come in between you and a great deadlifting session, like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Franco Columbu from the documentary Pumping Iron on Prime Video"



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