Barbell Jack | Deadlift Jack with a FREE Resistance Band to optimise your Thrusts too

Buy the best Single Mini Barbell Jack | Compact, Small and Portable Deadlift Jack

Reduce Injury Risks, Save Time and Energy loading your Bar | Optimise your workout, power lifts, deadlift, hip thrusts and more | Resistance Band included - Hook and Pull up to 250 kg (550 lb) - The Barbell Jack Australia

While traditional L-Shape barbell jacks are heavy, bulky, this design is lightweight, compact, fits easily in a gym bag. Tested by industry leaders such as "intertek” and backed by professional and renowned trainers. 

Changing weight plates between sets when the bar is sitting on the floor, usually means pausing your workout, wrangling with a bar in one hand while pulling the plate in the other and potentially injuring yourself. Not so with this barbell jack. It has a simple yet smart hook-and-pull system that allows for effortless loading, offloading, and changing of weight plates. You can perform deadlifts, hip thrusts and more without interruption or risk of muscle strain. Lightweight and compact yet built to last, it’s ideal for home workouts and gym sessions alike. Don’t train without it.